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English Name in Chinese Writing Calligraphy Scroll

We offer many different English name in Chinese writing calligraphy services that allow you to have your name and/or virtually anything else you can imagine written in Chinese symbols. Have your name written in Chinese calligraphy symbols and made into a traditional wall scroll or a painting that has been prepared for framing.

Chinese Calligraphy Name Paintings and Scrolls

Use the links on the left side of this page to explore this site and the custom Chinese name writing services we offer. If you don't see the product or service you want listed don't worry, we can make almost any size of wall scroll or painting you want upon request for a very reasonable price.

Custom Chinese Calligraphy Writing Scroll A very large horizontal scroll painting featuring a quote from a song written by the Rock n' Roll band the Grateful Dead.


Chinese Calligraphy Written by a Professional Artist

All of our name in Chinese writing calligraphy paintings are written by Beijing, China artist Xie Tian Hai (Thank - Sky - Sea). You can view examples of this artists work throughout this site. If you would like to have your painting written in a different style just let us know and we will try to accommodate your request.


Special Offers

Visit the Name in Chinese Writing Art Services On Sale page to view our special offers on custom designed Chinese name paintings and scrolls.

The meaning of the words written on this wall scroll mean "the light sparkles".

The words describe a person who has a light emanating from within.

A light emanating from within


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